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1.1. Warning signs of Tech Scams

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Exclamation point reflecting an inactive student Urgent pop-ups warning you that your computer has a serious problem, telling you not to turn it off, and giving a phone number to call. Real Microsoft error messages do not include phone numbers to call for support.

DO Restart your device immediately. DON’T Call the number or click any links.

Exclamation point reflecting an inactive student Unsolicited phone calls or messages warning you they’ve spotted a critical problem with your computer or account that they need to fix.

DO Delete the suspicious messages. If it’s a call, ask for their full name and hang up. If you’re going to call back, use the phone number on their official website, on the back of your membership card, or on a recent statement.

DON’T Click any links or call any numbers in the message. DON’T Give the caller remote access to your computer or any personal information like passwords or account numbers.

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